Mi Mobile Phone Store Display
Mi is one of the top 3 mobile phone companies in China. Mi mobile phones are one of the favorite mobile brands in overseas
market such as North America, South-east Asia etc. We have served and produced Mi mobile phone display stands for several
years. From 2018, we started providing shopfitting and display items for Mi stores in the overseas markets.

Mi Mobile Phone Shop Display

A modern and stylish mobile phone shop with a simple style focuses on increasing the experience of mobile phone users. Attracting more customers to shop is the most important goal for retail stores. Therefore, the design of the shop display fixtures and the atmosphere of the store play an important role.


Standard Store Display

Standardization of shop props facilitates efficient installation and shortens the time required to open a shop. Wall cabinets are common shop fixtures. Mobile phone shops use adjustable shelf-type displays, which is convenient for placing products of different sizes. The mobile phone experience table is one of the most used props, and it displays different mobile phones of the Mi brand. In addition, the island cabinet is another popular shop item. The four sides surrounding it can make the products within easy reach of customers, which is very convenient. The bottom floor of the wall cabinet and island cabinet are drawers, whichcan store goods and facilitate the shelves.




Store Display Fixtures

The composition of the store consists of following store fixtures:the door head logo and signs, the wall cabinet, the cash register,the image wall, the display rack, the island cabinet, the experience table, the floor stand, the advertising light box, the. small table stand, the poster stand on floor, etc.


Store Branding

Store display is not only to serve customers, but also to convey brand image. The brand image is the effect presented by the entire store. In addition to shop display items such as experience tables, display cabinets, island cabinets, and cashier counters,there must be an image wall to promote the brand, advertising light boxes, billboards on display shelves, and table stand.Advertising light boxes can not only promote the brand, but also promote the main product to customers. Of course, the brand name or logo installed above the shop door or on the left or right of the door is an important element of the brand image. The luminous letter signage is popular for shop display.

Work Process and Solutions

1 - Communication on Customer's Needs

Receive customer's contact, we will speak with customers and get understanding on their needs for store display.



2 - Store Information and Display Design

Customer provide us the floor measurement and floor plan information. Our designer will work out the store design rendering and send it to customers.

3 - Confirm Store Design and Quotation

We will send store design to customer for confirmation. If there are any needs for change, designer will communicate with customers and update the design accordingly and until final confirmation. Once the design is confirmed, we will work out the cost and provide the quotation to customer.

4- Details and Order Confirmation

Customer confirm with us the order details and sign the contract. Once confirmed, technical staff will work out the technical drawing for the production guidance.



5 - Production

We will arrange for production for the confirmed order.

6 - Goods Delivery

According to the order, we will arrange for goods delivery to the departure port or designated place.



7 - Products Installation 1After sales service

For those needing installation service, we will arrange staff to store and complete this service.Our customer service staff will follow up the progress of the goods delivery and collect the feedback from customer.

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