Let's Celebrate Christmas

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Christmas is here, what does it mean to you?

For children, this is the day to receive gifts, so happy. Santa Claus and Christmas dinner are all necessary every year. For adults, this is a day of reunion, family and friends get together and spend a relaxing holiday.

Well, yes, in general, this is a happy holiday, let's celebrate together.

Although we do not have a Christmas holiday, there is still a lot of Christmas atmosphere, especially in shopping malls. This year, in Daxin Xinduhui, I saw a different Christmas event layout from previous years, warm and romantic. The New Year’s fortune prediction and signature wall with 12 constellations are very special! This activity can increase interaction with guests. Adults and children play together and enjoy happy time.

The decorations and props for this event are well done, with some highlights. Have you noticed that in recent years, luminous characters have become more and more widely used. Not only used in brand logos, but also in some advertising slogans. Now the holiday blessings we have seen are all applied, and they are becoming more and more popular.

Many shops have placed Christmas decorations, including Christmas trees, Santa Claus, garlands, gifts and so on. Some are quite special, you see, Lego's product display is combined with a different Christmas tree, creative!  These are the highlights of attracting customers, unforgettable, and remember this toy brand all at once. This is the charm of shop display!

When it comes to the festive atmosphere, not only the shopping mall has a strong festive atmosphere, but there are also many festive dresses outside the mall. This is different from the daily routine and can be more surprising. Especially at night, the colorful lights bring light and beauty to this dark night.

Let's celebrate Christmas together! Wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas!

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