What are the necessary props to show a new brand?

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Every weekend, in the central plaza of this shopping mall, different brands carry out various promotional activities here.

What's special this time is that it is a kind of competitive and cultural promotion, and the target group is the trendy young generation. What they seek is difference and excitement.

SuperX Xparty is a variety show that attracts the attention of young people through street dance competitions. People who don't know this brand thought it was just a clothing brand or an alcohol brand. However, it does promote its products through variety shows at the same time: clothing, bags, and wine are all a marketing model.

The exciting activities of SuperX street dance battle are brought to all provinces and cities across the country. Through the stimulation of audiovisual and taste buds, it builds a bridge of communication with young friends! Provide a stage for the fearless young people to show themselves! Its slogan is: Go Battle.

The promotion of a new brand is inseparable from the matching of display props to create the brand's personality and present the effect of the product.

Look at this brand, which is known as the coolest trendy brand, built an indoor promotion area, the main color is dark blue, giving people a mysterious feeling. Plus the current popular element-LED brand logo. The overall atmosphere created: metallic texture, abyss-like blue, full of mystery, from here to take you into a trendy holy place. That is a special place.

The promotion area has four entrances. The periphery of the exhibition area is constructed with a metal iron frame in the night sky. In addition, there is a brand logo with dazzling white LEDs. The dark night blue forms a strong contrast with the luminous logo, and it also represents the nightlife after work.

The metallic iron shelf is not as airtight as the copper wall and iron wall. The gap between the iron pipes can be seen inside, giving people a little privacy, different from all open and closed, giving people a sense of mystery.

The X-shaped luminous special-shaped booth next to the entrance and the luminous characters of the brand slogans are the highlights of this exhibition area. All these are the necessary elements for promoting a new brand.

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