What is the law of store display?

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The store display is to be updated regularly to achieve the purpose of promotion. Then, change is the law of store display.

What is eternal is change. Just as everything changes every moment, in the shop display industry, changes are beyond doubt. There are different trends every year. The products displayed in different places, countries, industries, and regions are different, so these store displays will be treated differently and differently. Therefore, it is more important to design display props that meet the brand promotion and promotion according to the needs of customers.

The constant is change. Learn from each other, and popular elements between industries can be interoperable. For example, some popular elements can be absorbed from the display of clothing and footwear and used in the store display of other industries. For example, it is applied to household appliances and electronic products.

Some small custom props, such as price bars and price tags, can be made into the same shape, but other larger showcases must be modified according to the goods sold to achieve a more complete product display effect.

Perhaps there is less complete originality. Everyone learns from industry leaders and famous brands through learning from each other. They lead the new trend, and their store display is the benchmark of the industry. It seems to keep up with their rhythm to connect with the public. It is common to update the existing shop props or decoration style regularly. Customers need freshness to stimulate purchases.

The design of shop props needs to meet the image and color requirements of the own brand. In addition, pay attention to display according to the functions and features of the product. Attract customers' attention, thereby increasing sales. These require professional shop display personnel to provide solutions and design corresponding display props to achieve.

Sometimes a simple display can produce a different effect. Just like Apple’s store display, keep a simple style as always. Simple but effective. This is the true meaning of its design.

Just like our brain, we don't like to think about complicated things, it's best to be as simple as possible. The same is true for products, simplifying complex operations. That's why simplicity is so popular! Innovation is the key, not everyone's answer.

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