Summer colors of shop display

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Do you feel the heat of summer, the iciness of summer, and the colors of that summer?

Yeap, now let's see if these store displays will make you feel excited and make you feel the enthusiasm of summer?

I was attracted by this color from afar, the summer color from Staccato. Blue background with fluorescent green beetle. Both colors have a summer flavor. Seeing this blue, I think of the beach, the blue of the sea, and the blue sky of summer. Isn't this a very holiday feel?

Sandals with summer colors are the best match!

This summer, the decorations of the shop are in blue tones with fluorescent green, and the cool blue color is different from fluorescent green, which is different from nature. Instead, it adds a fluorescent effect, a lot of dazzling light, and it is very breathtaking. , Give some summer enthusiasm!

Compared to the colors of the Staccato women's shoe store, Miniso uses a softer pink hue. You see those summer explosions, such as: holding a small fan. The color of the small fan is mainly pink, including light blue, light green, pink purple, and white. These colors are soft and cool, giving people a cool feeling. For hot summer, they are a must-have for cooling down. It is also good to take it while shopping.

One thing I have to say is that Miniso's gondola display shelf is very practical. It is placed in the center of the store, and it can be replaced with the hot items sold every month. This combination of iron frame and MDF is easy to match with the colors of many products, highlighting the products displayed!

The color and design of the goods play an important role in sales. The dull color can't attract the desire to buy, but the pink color can attract women's love for products, and has a promotional effect.

The masks and hand sanitizers you see here are bright, but not dazzling. In fact, the bottle design of the hand sanitizer is also new this year. The previous one is different from this one. The capacity is slightly larger than the previous one but the price is unchanged. It is one of the products very popular with customers.

Seeing this pink hue and some colors representing summer, can you control your desire to buy?

Let’s enjoy shopping.

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