Scene and Atmosphere Creation in Shopping Mall

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We live in this colorful world. The outside world is wonderful. There are many beautiful things and great attraction. The website attracts traffic through content. For physical stores in shopping malls, not only the stores should focus on promotion, but the shopping mall itself should also provide businesses with a place to increase sales promotion, making the shopping atmosphere more pleasant and attracting more people come and stay longer.

While shopping, I noticed that the shopping mall has a renovation. These are all part of the marketing campaign. First, in order to attract customers from time to time, create some new ideas and give people a sense of freshness. Businessmen from all walks of life attracted attention. At the same time, 618 shopping festival, this is a promotional activity initiated by JD. While Tmall Taobao is the Double Eleven Shopping Festival. One is in the summer and the other is in the winter, similar to the national promotions in January and July in the UK. Not only online stores, but also physical stores are launching promotions at the 618 shopping festival.

I noticed changes in the mall when shopping a few days ago. From the glass door of the mall, as well as the interior decoration of the mall, the added items are objects that are of interest to consumers, such as the lovely beauty shoot house in the picture. This is used to take pictures, print them immediately after taking them, print photos in 15 seconds, and the pictures can be pasted on your own items.

There are many different options for the background of the photo. Add some cute patterns to the photo. This is what young people love to do nowadays. Although the Meipai House is not a new concept, it has added popular elements: LED luminous characters, luminous decoration, the Meipai House has a larger and more convenient space, and has two doorways.

When people always see the same things, and after a long time, there will be aesthetic fatigue. Therefore, it is meaningful for merchants to make some small changes or small changes every once in a while. Because these small changes or new decorations will bring attention and attract attention. Perhaps these changes can produce different effects, which is refreshing.

There are also stores that have undergone major renovations during this time. For example, H&M’s store in this mall have been surrounded by wooden boards and printed with the words "See you soon". That is to return after renovation.

Speaking of attracting more people to the mall, another way is to add some scenes for tourists to take pictures. This is a frequently used method. Especially parents who bring children to buy, or young boyfriends and boys, etc. who see good-looking and innovative things will attract and stop, and then want to take a picture here.

You see, there is a bench here, and there is an English-style telephone booth next to it, just decorative props. This is a bit foreign. It is not a common object in China, and it feels a bit novel. Especially in a world full of mobile phones, there is no need for a phone booth.

These are the effective methods commonly used in shopping malls today to promote relationship and communication with customers. These have similar functions to store display, the purpose is to attract attention and increase the length of stay, which may help promotion.

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