What are your favorite glasses store displays?

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Have you noticed that there are more and more optical shops now?

In the past, users of spectacles targeted those with vision problems. But now, in addition to people with vision problems, many are decorative, and sunglasses are available to everyone. Therefore, it is not difficult to find that there are more and more glasses shops and more and more customers.

Glasses meet not only the functional needs, but also the needs of fashion. Different styles are matched with different clothes.

Glasses of different brand images are displayed differently. Now, let's see how they play out.

First of all, it is a feminine brand. The color displayed in the shop is feminine and pink, which is a kind of girl style. The top layer of this display shelf is a mirror, which is convenient for customers to see the effect immediately when trying on the glasses. At the bottom is the storage cabinet, which is very practical. You can put the glasses stock in it for easy access. In the middle of the cabinet are two layers, with each pair of glasses on display. This display cabinet is gondola cabinet, both sides are the same, make good use of space.

This eyewear brand is mainly based on wood grain display shelves, paired with coffee-colored metal, giving a retro style. The overall store display is dominated by brown and yellow color. Now, look at its display case.

It is mainly composed of two parts. The largest exhibition rack is the one that shows the glasses, which extend out one by one, independent and neat. Each pair of glasses is about the same size, so they are arranged on the same shelf and look very pleasing to the eye. The bottom is three drawers for storage. This one is not equipped with a mirror, but there is a separate mirror between the two.

Speaking of nostalgia, there's another eyewear brand. But its nostalgia is different from this one.

This display shelf is different from the retro style above, but the glasses are placed on a small shelf high and low. Different angles, more casual. The whole large exhibition shelf is behind the ring of wood, each layer has four or more, looks a bit dazzling. From this point of view, this rack is not designed specifically for the display of glasses.

Another brand Dinovo, which looks more playful, is a showcase in white, with a large heart shape, and two eyes in the heart shape. The glasses are displayed on shelves with different heights, and the same are used to display glasses with different styles. On the whole, the display shows the impression that it is more personalized and looks like many styles. Such displays require customers to check them one by one, and it will take more time.

The above four glasses brands are displayed in an open display. This way is more friendly and convenient for customers to choose by themselves. This is different from the traditional and classic opticians.

Those old classic opticians are more mature in marketing and store display. Look at this brand - Optical 88. They have window displays, in-store and out-store advertising, wall displays, and counters. In front of the counter, there are also chairs for customers to sit which make it more comfortable when shopping. This will add to the great shopping experience. Through the display of counter, let customers and sales more communication and interaction. The optician shop of general grade USES this kind of means more.

Each brand displays its products according to its brand image, while providing customers with a better and all-round shopping experience.

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