Into the Miniso First Experience

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When I know it, it is already a global brand. It is rare to have such an international brand, a company from China. It only took a few years to open the store worldwide, and had to admire its operational capabilities.

Miniso's success has its uniqueness. It is user-centric and product-centric. And optimize the customer's shopping experience. As the CEO of Miniso Ye Guofu said, in the current generation, the functionality of commodities is essential and must satisfy users. In addition, the design of the product's appearance is very important to meet the continuous improvement of consumers' beauty. Improve the added value of products through design.

Product features + product design + store user experience + continuous product development constitute Miniso's success.

Miniso is a model of new retail. Its rapid global expansion illustrates its strength. Uniqlo, MUJI, and Watsons all regard it as the most terrible competitor.

Speaking of user experience, let's take a look at its store display.

When you come to the store, you will see that the merchandise is displayed neatly, giving a noble feeling. Its product style is simple, but full of fashion sense, in line with the modern young people's aesthetics. However, low commodity prices are very attractive. Unexpectedly, you can buy high-quality goods at such an affordable price. Therefore, most customers who go shopping do not go empty-handed.

Through the product and store display, let customers pay the bills, without the need to be able to speak the shop assistant. This greatly reduces the requirements for personnel professional skills and is easier to operate. This is also the effect of store display.

The first impression of Miniso's store display is that the merchandise is neatly displayed and the emissions are in order. Near the door is a relatively short display rack, and then inside, most of them are around 140CM high display racks. Many are iron display racks, or a combination of wood and iron, and some are wood display racks. In addition, close to the wall-to-wall display shelf is the height to the ceiling. The channel between each row of shelves has about 120CM. It’s not very spacious, but it’s not too narrow. It’s okay for two people to pass. The color temperature of the light is adjusted properly to make people feel comfortable, so they will stay longer in the store.

Another remarkable thing is its brand logo. The red color is bright and lively, different from McDonalds' red, Miniso's red gives vitality, is young red, full of vitality. It can be said that the brightness of this color is just right. Meet the needs of consumer groups with brand positioning.

In addition to the Miniso logo, the impressive thing is that the music played in the store is relaxed with a resort style. A stress-free shopping experience is part of the brand image.

Now has entered the era of high quality and low price, giving customers are good and cheap products.

The brand image may be copied, but many products and supply chains are difficult to imitate. In addition to creating a good shopping environment, continuous investment in product research and development to meet the changing consumer needs is one of the keys to success. Change is the key to retail success.

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