Various Forms of Window Display

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The window display is a part of the shop display, and it is a very important display. This is a scene of direct communication with customers, through the display of commodities, and the use of decoration and display props to express the brand's concept and culture, as well as information such as promotional activities.

The window display usually displays the main products of the brand. Taking clothing as an example, the window display is frequently updated, and the mannequins or props used may be replaced once a quarter or half a year. The fashion worn on the model will change frequently, such as around a week or half a month. This will give customers a sense of freshness.

Zara fashion mainly sells women's clothing, as well as men's clothing. This window has both male and female models. In addition to models, some props are added to match the scene. You see, the two large and two small slanted electroplated silver grids bring a sense of layering to the entire window, and behind them is the hazy long rainbow glass.

In addition, the most attention is the two rectangular pink squares and mouse patterns. This hue is different from the clothing style with black and white as the main tone.

Another fashion brand I.T. has a larger window area. The display style is different, the design is simple and straightforward, and the display shelf used is also simple. The shelves extended with an A-shaped ladder display shoes and bags on each shelf. In general, its window channels have display racks, mannequins, and ladders. But its background wall is relatively complicated, and each square has a different pattern. The background wall is white, and the pattern does not affect the displayed clothing and other products. On the contrary, it can set off the fashion more, showing that it is not monotonous.

Compared with fashion brands, the window display of watch brands is different. Swatch is a synonym for fashion watches. The decoration full of ivy green plants makes the brand image highlight the fashion and vitality, and it is dynamic. Just like, the concept of this brand: fashion worn on the wrist.

Moreover, its product display props have their own characteristics, each of which is different. In addition, the marketing elements included are diverse. In addition to displaying some watches, there are also billboards for promotional activities and electronic advertising machines. These displays are placed at the entrance and front of the store, which can also be regarded as a small exhibition hall. Behind is the main sales place, such a store display can maintain a certain privacy.

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