Inspiration from Interior Design and Construction

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Each brand wants to be unique when it shows itself. It wants to be different. The store design is different from the display at the exhibition. With their creativity, they want to show their own differences. You can experience the elements they use from the following cases.

From a distance, you can see a lot of different fabrics hanging from the height to the ground, from the ground to the sky. It occupies many places in the booth, it is really impossible to be ignored! These fabrics have different colors, different materials and different textures. Or dim, or bright, or bright, or simple, but classical, can be baptized through the years. These fabrics can be used to decorate interior furniture.

The display stand is an indispensable item. The products are displayed according to the overall booth effect and placed in an appropriate position. The matte white display stand works well with the hanging fabrics. The overall booth display is direct, yet stylish and elegant. This is the finishing fabrics of JAB Anstoetz.

The second case comes from Baierl + Demmelhuber. The concise design, this combination of blinds, gives a rigorous structure, but not dull. The gap between the louvers is relatively open compared to the solid wall or wooden board, but it is a little hidden, not fully open, but only a bit of occlusion. This is the background wall, but the front of its booth is open, with a spacious entrance, visitors can enter at will, creating a more friendly and friendly atmosphere.

The last presentation is about the display of grids. It consists of many same grids combined into different combinations, plus a unified color, such as white or black. You see there are many white grids hanging on the black background wall here, which is particularly three-dimensional, and it feels like the grid is suspended in mid-air. It may seem simple in structure, but when combined, it can give a refreshing feeling. As its slogan says: Making Space Work.

These are all part of the interior decoration or construction, and the elements can also be used as a reference for store display.

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