Display that is Full of Lively

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Green represents vitality and is a color that many people do not dislike. Our nature is made up of many plants, and plants are seen in many places and are an indispensable part of life. In daylight, it produces oxygen, so it is especially popular. Seeing green plants will relax your body and mind. This is our natural response. I like it for no reason.

Well, because of this, we all like to stay in such a natural place. You see, do n’t many people hang around here?

The huge background walls with tropical plants, as well as standing advertising light boxes, create the effect of a tropical rainforest. Being in that situation is a pleasure. There is also a special hanging three-dimensional LED screen in the air, the sky garden, visitors can not help but stop to take pictures. These combinations make the entire display environment full of life.

In addition, the giant extra large frog crawling on the wall is quite eye-catching, and the plants on the ground and the staggered heights make the overall space different, especially dynamic. It's also worth noting that it also uses a green display table and luminous characters that emit green light. Use white to set off these green displays. Interesting!

Seeing these scenes, It reminds me of the architecture exhibition that used plants as a selling point to design different interior decoration scenes to adapt to different commercial office atmospheres. Therefore, that booth is particularly popular, and many people are here. This is just one of the products it designs. Do you like it?

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