Modular Structure for Pop Up Store

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Walking out of the street, you will see convenient small shops, when you visit trade fair, you can also see the pop up store displays on the exhibition grounds. This type of pop up store system are all focused on creating simple installation and practical development. This is also what we found on the Euroshop tour. Modularity is a highlight.

The flagship product of MO systeme mobile brand architecture is the steel structure, which is easy to build and install, suitable for indoor and outdoor. Outdoors can withstand wind, rain and sun. Indoors, suitable for retail, exhibitions and other public places. It is said that 2.7 cubic meters of the exhibition trailer can be built with 65 square meters of open pavillon walls, ceilings, and floors after opening and installation. These highlights are obvious, these features provide more convenience for brand promotion activities, faster and save time. It is really good!

Simple style, cuboid structure and hazy feeling, adjust the size according to the needs, to create a different atmosphere and style. Its characteristics: modular spaces, easy and fast assembly.

This is an innovative, modular, temporary building system that can be used in trade shows, retail, public places, etc.

Look at this striking steel giant, the steel frame is reminiscent of the Louvre pyramid in France. It is different from the pyramid type, but its structure is sturdy and diverse, giving people a special shape. It is quite impressive by the shape. This pop up store is easy to disassemble and assemble, and it is matched with the advertising promotion logo.

The above models have a three-dimensional appearance, and are small before assembly, but the space after installation is quite large. The shape can be flexibly changed according to specific requirements. This design is very personalized, which is really great!

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