Best Christmas Wishes from Akon Display

Date:2020-12-25 Hits:2234

This year is a particularly extraordinary year. Although extraordinary, we live even more wonderfully!

Today is Christmas! Do you want to know how we celebrate this Christmas? Okay, now I will report to you our Christmas special.

On Christmas Eve, we set up the office together. Use Christmas window stickers to create a festive atmosphere on the glass wall. Hang up Christmas stockings, put in delicious candies, and prepare Christmas gifts for colleagues.

On Christmas morning, I heard cheerful Christmas songs when I arrived at the office, and I started to feel good.

Different from previous years, this year we received Christmas gifts selected by our boss. Guess what it is?

It is a very useful item that everyone can use. Hey hey, now the answer is revealed: that is the Vaseline Repair Cream! It is really suitable for use in winter. It can improve and soothe dry skin. It is indeed very practical.

What is even more touching is that our general manager Suqi cooked for us and prepared a Christmas dinner with delicious dishes such as stewed lamb with radish and fried beef with celery. Every dish is delicious and memorable.

In addition, there is our Christmas wishing event. Put candles on the cake, just like making a birthday wish, we gathered together to make a wish for the new year.

On this occasion of Christmas, we sincerely wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous Christmas and New Year.

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