Foundation Laying Ceremony for Qianlong Zhichuang Building

Date:2020-08-31 Hits:948

In order to meet the needs of continuous development, the original old-style factory building was demolished, and it was built into a modern and intelligent comprehensive building, integrating the factory and office. This is one of our plans.

This is now a vacant lot, and the foundation stone laying ceremony of the building was officially held a few days ago. The town government leaders, group chairman and key figures, as well as the supplier’s boss, and our company’s employees witnessed this historic groundbreaking ceremony.

We named it Qianlong Zhichuang Building, and placed expectations and hopes on it. This project has been vigorously promoted by the town government. After the building is completed, it will be another new landmark in the Gangkou town. Although it is empty here, it will become the main office of our group's head office and branches in a year.

This building is not only the office building of our group, it will also bring together all relevant supply chains in the industry. This facilitates seamless one-stop service. The building is planned to have five floors and an underground parking lot. It is planned to build a standardized factory building and a modern office building of more than 18,000 square meters, an intelligent office building integrating production, research and development, sales, exhibition, creative office, and 5G research and development.

Let us look forward to the smooth completion of Qianlong Zhichuang Building!

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