A Special Training Outside the Company

Date:2020-07-19 Hits:1129

Last week we had a special training. The reason why call it special is this training location is in a western restaurant. On the other hand, after the training, they will have dinner together in the restaurant. Overall, the atmosphere is more relaxed and easy to communicate.

In response to this year’s strategic policy, the business department’s development projects have added new directions. This training is aimed at exploring new directions. New projects need to be carried out by experienced personnel. Our deputy general manager is the representative of the new project. He has extensive experience in new projects and has successfully signed several contracts in the past year. The trainer is none other than him.

In this newly promoted project, Deputy General Manager Liu prepared several PPT files, which totaled more than 350 pages. Well prepared, detailed content and clear details. Even those who have not participated in such new projects can find the key points and methods. We all benefited a lot. Even the general manager praised the training, which was a bit unexpected.

The last part of the training is that all the trainers summarize the gains of this training. Everyone speaks freely and shares their learning experience. The focus of each business is different. Everyone has different cognitions and difficulties, but one thing is certain, that is, all-round development is needed to develop the business well.

During the break between classes, we talked about the decoration style of the restaurant and noticed that the two air conditioners in the room we ordered had different colors. One was gray and the other was white. Deputy General Manager Liu said that the gray one was installed at the beginning, and the white one was added later. During the meal, we asked the waiter, which is the truth. The observation is so detailed!

New projects and new directions, let us work hard together and challenge the 2020 goals!

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