Foam Board Display Stand - Health Products and Nutrition Display

  • 洋妞
  • 洋妞
  • 洋妞
  • Scope of Application:The Andy board display rack can be customized into a large or small display rack according to the displayed product. The surface of the PVC material can be pasted with various advertising pictures, which has a wide range of applicability and high cost performance. Often used in the display of daily consumer goods. Just like this small display rack for displaying nutritional products on the shelves of supermarkets or retail stores is one of them.
  • Delivery TIme:15 - 21 days. The actual production time is confirmed by the order.
  • Payment:40% deposit on order confirmation and the balance before shipment.
  • Further Service:In addition to the production of store display shelves, we also provide customers with display props design and solutions.
  • Remarks:The price of customized products is priced according to the materials and processes confirmed in the design plan. Welcome all clients to inquiry.

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