Midea - Home Appliance Display
Midea is one of the top 3 home appliance brands in China. It also have overseas factories and markets in some countries.
Midea products are popular in China, South-east Asia. We have been cooperated with Midea for around 10 years. After communicate and understand customer need, we confirm with customer with the right products for every shop, and ensure every shofitting is suitable for the shop plan.

Shop Display Fixtures for Home Appliance

Shop display props are diversified in style, and customized service is a part of displaying the brand's characteristics. The use of LED lights is a popular element in recent years.

Shop Display Fixtures for Home Appliance

Customized Advertising Light Box

Advertising light boxes are an indispensable display prop element in shop props. The light box picture can use high-definition canvas, which makes the printing of promotional materials clearer.

Customized Advertising Light Box

New Style of Store Display Products    

The use of demonstration props to explain the principle of electrical appliances is to promote their products in an educational way.

New Style of Store Display Products    

Various Shop Display Cabinets & Display Shelves

Home appliances need to be complemented by home decoration to create a comfortable and warm environment, which will be more convincing.

Various Shop Display Cabinets & Display Shelves

Make Every Effort for Shop Display Fixtures

Shop props are what make your products display features, eye-catching, and interested to learn more.

Make Every Effort for Shop Display Fixtures

Store Display Furnitures for Retail Shops    

The shop's furniture is not only display, but also practical. It has to match the store planning and functionality to determine styles and materials.

Store Display Furnitures for Retail Shops    

Work Process and Solutions

1 - Inquiry and Communication

After received the email from customer, we will check the details and communicate with them and understand what they needs.


2-checking Documents from Customer

Store design drawing and floor plan drawing providing by customer, we will check the layout and the selection of the shop iting furniture, to see if they are proper and fit into the store.


3 - Order Confirmation and Making Technical Drawing

We will provide feedback to customer and wait for their order confirmation.

4 - Production Arrangement

Once everything is confirmed, we will start production and meet the delivery date.


6-Installantion and After-sales Service

For those orders needing installation, we will arrange for it. 

Our customer service staff will follow up the delivery and collect customers' feedback.


5 - Goods Delivery

According to the order requirement, deliver the shop furniture to every store. Follow up the delivery progress and collect the feedback from customer on their use of these products.




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