Samsung - Mobile Phone Store Display
Samsung is one of the top 3 mobile phone brand mobile phones and electronics display products for its stores. The product range from lighting logo, advertising light box, varioustypes of display stands for mobile phones and accessories. Apart from the display items we produce, we also have the designservice for the store display. In addition, shop decoration and installation are also offered. Our main job is to turn the designrenderings into reality.


Mobile Phone Shop Display Fixtures - experience table,luminous brand name logo, light box, display shelf and more.


Store Display Furniture - common display fixtures include experience phone table, wall display shelf, light box, cashier counter, poster stand, illuminated LED letters.

Samsung Mobile Phone Shop Display

The display of the store is a reflection of the brand image. Well-displayed, creating a good shopping environment can attract more customers into the store.

Samsung Mobile Phone Shop Display

Display Stand - Wall Cabinet for Mobile Phone Accessories


Mobile Phone Shop Display Fixtures - experience table, luminous brand name logo, light box, display shelf and


Mobile Phone Shop Display - Apart from cashier counter, display counter for customer service, within the customer service area, tables and chairs are a part of shop furniture for customers.

Work Process and Solutions

1 - Communication on Requiremen

Contact with customer, know about the needs for stores opening, communication with each other and gain understanding on what customer needs.



2 - Store Display Design and Confirmation

We will arrange staff to measure stores and the take pictures on the store and the surroundin

Our designer will examine the store information and prepare for the store design renderings.

We will send the store design renderings to customer for confirmation.

3 - Product Construction Drawing,Quotation and Order Confirmation

After the store design are confirmed, our technical staff will work out the structure for each display product. This is the step before production.

With the confirmation on the technical drawing, we will prepare for the order quotation for customer to confirm.



4 - Production Arrangement

Once the order is confirmed, we will arrange for the production and meet the delivery date.

5- Prepare for the base material and Installation

For those needs for installation and decoration, we will provide the base material and enter the site for the scheduled time and get the floor, ceiling and wall ready.



6 - Goods Delivery & After Sales Service

The final step is to install all shopfitting. After everything is done, customer will examine the store and confirm.

Our customer service staff will follow up the progress and collect the feedback from customer.

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